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04 Mar

Lehrer LLC
How do you make a website for the man who rebuilt the Statue of Liberty?


KEY TAKEAWAYS: – Strategy consulting via website development, design, content and maintenance – Optimized website with Google analytics – Revamped pitch books and proposals Creating a website for a living legend. OPPORTUNITY We engaged Lehrer LLC in Fall 2013, and again in early 2015. Peter Lehrer is a living icon of the construction industry, having in his […]

01 Nov

A long tale, never Finnish’d


KEY TAKEAWAYS: – Design consulting via brand relaunch support in North America – Strategy consulting via visual merchandising plans – Provided strategic renderings for fixtures in NYC flagship, based on sales data OPPORTUNITY We have been working with Marimekko for over three years now–ever since the conceptualization stages of the brand’s relaunch into North America. We were originally brought in by […]

15 Oct

Convincing women to try something new between their legs…


KEY TAKEAWAYS: – Designed logos and unique box for packaging – Developed key brand messaging tactics – Business consulting via social media marketing, wholesale distribution and customer and retailer education Convincing women to try something new between their legs… (*wink*) OPPORTUNITY FoxieMoxie owns a product called Skinzies® which is worn on the upper thigh as a […]