31 Aug

Eastchester Heights
Logo, Website Design and Branding


Key Takeaways:
– Designed colorful, approachable logo that resonates with an urban audience
– Overhauled outdated, non-responsive website to create a new, image-based, mobile-friendly site
– Provided copywriting and marketing CTAs
– Developed map with custom icons to illustrate neighborhood highlights


eastchester-logoWe partnered with Elle Esse Group to create a refreshed digital presence for Taconic PartnersEastchester Heights, an apartment development nestled in a historic neighborhood in Bronx, New York.

Though Eastchester Heights was recently refurbished to offer modern amenities, the brand was in need of its own renovation. Its non-responsive, non-mobile website was clunky and antiquated, with built in flash and a tired design scheme that didn’t speak to what Eastchester Heights had to offer.

The first step was to design a friendly, colorful and approachable logo that would feel modern and would appeal to families in the Bronx.

Since Eastchester Heights’ expansive outdoor courtyard is significant to its character, we called on that aspect in our design of the radial logo, which brings out a fun, flourishing feel using colors indicative of the Caribbean population in the surrounding area.



The design of the logo informed the creation of the website, which introduces Eastchester Heights in a digestible format.

The simple, scrolling layout, which is mobile-friendly and responsive, uses rich imagery and succinct but effective copy to distill the Eastchester Heights experience in a way that’s accessible, uncomplicated and engaging. 


Highlights include a paralax image layout for apartment features, an appealing display for floor plans, a categorized masonry gallery for images, a neighborhood map with customized icons and locations, and an embedded contact form to expedite the rental process.

custom-mapWhile the site serves as a marketing tool for potential tenants, it also offers improved convenience to current residents, who can pay bills in an online rent portal and use the blog to stay in tune with the latest community news.

One of Taconic Partners’ main priorities for this project was to come away with a site that distinguished Eastchester Heights as a great housing opportunity for people who otherwise might not have access to premium features in the area. Our logo and website design achieves just that, attaining a look that’s modern and appealing, yet unpretentious and approachable for Taconic Partners’ target audience.