15 Oct

Convincing women to try something new between their legs…


– Designed logos and unique box for packaging
– Developed key brand messaging tactics
– Business consulting via social media marketing, wholesale distribution and customer and retailer education

skinziesConvincing women to try something new between their legs… (*wink*)

FoxieMoxie owns a product called Skinzies® which is worn on the upper thigh as a perfect solution for eliminating thigh chafing. Born of Victoria’s Secret designer Dani Miller, it is a highly effective product with huge potential to become a staple in every girl’s…err…sock drawer?

Our engagement began nearly two years ago, with logo designs for both Skinzies® and FoxieMoxie (the holding label). A unique box was created for packaging and key brand messaging was established. A year or so later, they launched a website using Shopify to kick-start their direct selling operation.


Skinzies packaging, designed by the Ktsterling.com team.


As a new company trying to build credibility with a fairly personal product, we focused on key avenues that would encourage customers to share their experiences and channel a word-of-mouth marketing approach. Last summer, we were able to work with owner Dani Miller’s budget to ramp up all of FoxieMoxie’s social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. We quickly brought her following from non-existent or single digits up to double and triple digits in just a few short months.

The other half of the business is wholesale distribution, where our strategy consulting focused on how to educate retail staff on selling the product, and maximizing value for retailers and FoxieMoxie alike.