25 Jun

Helping Cupid’s Do Good & Do It Better



– Brought on to manage all digital programs
– Provided 2016 strategy consulting to increase $4.4MM current revenue
– Created multiple new revenue streams
– Integrated marketing automation hub
– UX consulting for new major program

What can a one week consultation do for you? Far more than you might think, actually, especially when it goes so well, it turns into a ten-month retainer.

That’s what happened with Cupid’s Charities, a nonprofit that has donated over $5 million for research on neurofibromatosis, a debilitating, tumor-causing disease that afflicts children and is currently without a cure. Cupid’s does some amazing work, and we’re dedicated to helping them do it better.

Our one week with Cupid’s was so impactful that they brought us on for more than 40 more. Here’s how our strategy is helping Cupid’s turn their $4 million annual revenue into twice that number.


KTSTERLING.com manages all of Cupid’s digital programs and outside web contractors, to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. In addition to leading the front-end management and development of their WordPress website, we are the liaison with Blue Sky Collaborative, their fundraising platform providers.

This high octane marketing machine is up and running, better than ever.

Though we wanted to empower Cupid’s with improved marketing capabilities, we also wanted to go straight to the source and maximize their revenue outlets. We created a new subscription program for donations as a passive source of revenue, so more people could raise more money, with less effort. Continuing the focus on passive revenue, we’ve also partnered with RoundOut.org, which rounds up spare change for charitable donations.

Since Cupid’s iconic event calls for people to run outside in their underwear in February, they also wanted to expand fundraising options for folks who maybe didn’t want to jog pantless in icy weather. We brainstormed a new DIY program that allows people to do whatever they want whenever they want, whether it’s hosting a wine tasting or putting on a barbecue.

In addition to conceptualizing DIY Program, we also took on its actualization, spearheading the UX design and working through the extensive logistics with Blue Sky. It’s set to launch by fall 2015.

Our efforts are wide-ranging but effective, and we’re well on our way to turning this one-event, hyper-effective charity into a lean, powerful fundraising machine, with all of the money still dedicated to helping kids and adults fight cancer.