04 Mar

Lehrer LLC
How do you make a website for the man who rebuilt the Statue of Liberty?


– Strategy consulting via website development, design, content and maintenance
– Optimized website with Google analytics
– Revamped pitch books and proposals

Creating a website for a living legend.

We engaged Lehrer LLC in Fall 2013, and again in early 2015. Peter Lehrer is a living icon of the construction industry, having in his prime bid on and won the top 8 construction ventures in the entire world. These days he runs an elite boutique construction consulting firm, spearheading the building process at the critical juncture between maximizing potential value and getting caught in tactical hell.

Lehrer was in desperate need of a website that would reflect both his heritage in the construction industry as well as his modern, sophisticated approach to today’s design opportunities.

Our consultation brought Peter’s website into the forefront of visual quality within his industry, making it the envy of companies much, much larger (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Lehrer LLC's new home page.

Lehrer LLC’s new home page.

Next up, we began revamping his pitch books and proposals to convey the value his consultancy can bring to the process, and what could happen if an impartial advisor isn’t there to advocate and arbitrate.

Their site is optimized with Google analytics and feeds them insights so that they know exactly who’s watching, and where to spend their efforts. The real value of the project is not just the website – that’s just pixels – it’s in the supporting systems that teach Lehrer LLC how to maximize their online data and use it to drive potential wins on the pitch table.

An easily scrollable, visual Portfolio highlights Lehrer's past projects.

An easily scrollable, visual Portfolio highlights Lehrer’s past projects.