25 Jun

Mama Mancini’s
A Recipe for Smart Design


– Provided design and renderings for fully-functional, transportable 10×30 booth
– Brought back to conceptualize 10×10 refrigeration and serving add-on
– Handled all production for associated print materials

How do you really stand out in the middle of a food show, when hundreds of other vendors are hawking their products and everyone’s clamoring for attention?

It’s no easy feat, but when Mama Mancini’s asked that question, we were ready to give them an answer.

As design consultant for Arsenal New York, KTSTERLING.com was tasked with conceptualizing, designing and fabricating a dynamic food trade booth that was attractive in two senses of the word.

Sure, we wanted people to “ooh” and “ahh” as they walked by, but we also wanted them to stop in, stay awhile, and spend some time with the folks at Mama Mancini’s, who were confident in their authentic Italian cooking.

The booth would be designed so Mama Mancini’s could serve up some delicious food, and some smart marketing tactics.

The booth also had to be as full-functioning as it was cool-looking, with a cooking, serving and seating area. And, since Mama Mancini’s promotes at trade shows across the country, the booth needed to travel easy, too. Indeed, there was a lot on our plate.

KTSTERLING.com created three distinct concepts and associated 3D renderings to visualize the 10 x 30 booth. With black and white, hexagonal flooring, bead board along the face of the bar, faux granite countertop, and signage made out of black iron piping, the booth we designed had an authentic, vintage feel, intricate detailing, and some serious swagger.

But, like all the work we do, the booth was also backed with forward-thinking strategy in addition to its premium aesthetics.

The street sign was visible from all directions, so people were drawn in from multiple locations. The bar provided folks a place to sit after many hours of browsing the show, and the serving area was an attractive and enticing way to dole out Mama Mancini’s meatballs, and keep them warm.

The booth was also easily transportable—the printed flooring could be rolled up and removed, for example, and the “granite” countertop was constructed out of formica to be lightweight and cost-effective. Arsenal created a custom crating system, too, so the booth could be packed into a truck for convenient, organized transport in between shows.

After a great response at the trade show, Mama Maninci’s returned to us in 2015 with a request to add a second area with refrigeration capabilities. We produced three concepts to reflect a kitchen buildout, with storage in the back and a countertop where show-goers could eat. The area was detailed with a canopied tent resembling an authentic market, bead board on the front, and hanging salami, garlic, peppers and other vegetables to evoke the enticing smell of Italian cooking.

KTSTERLING.com maintained a consistent, onsite presence to oversee production of the additional piece in Brooklyn, in addition to handling all the print production for graphics and signage. Mama Mancini’s came away with a booth so cool you could hang out in it and feel like you were in a bar, but so convenient and you could break it all down and put it in a crate. Now that’s a recipe for smart, delicious design.