26 Jun

Mountain Medicine
High stakes marketing with massive returns


High stakes marketing with massive returns

Key Takeaways:

– Agency of record for a rapid-growth cannabis edibles company
– Growing sales and audience through full-scale media rollout
– Navigating through a heavily-regulated marketing environment

It’s easy to get high off the fumes of success, but a business that’s booming in the cannabis industry must also navigate a risky maze of regulations.

KTSTERLING.com is the marketing department of record for Mountain Medicine, a fast-growing cannabis edibles company in Colorado. We started out assisting the company with the design and production of their product packaging, which, like so many other aspects of the business, was government-regulated.

Soon after, Mountain Medicine came to us with a greater problem for us to solve.

Once part of a parent company, Mountain Medicine decided it was time for them to leave the nest. They broke off to find new opportunities and new sales outlets, with a greater goal in sight. Mountain Medicine wanted to become the largest national player in the cannabis edibles industry, and they wanted us to help guide the way.

Jaime Lewis is a leader in the cannabis industry – and needed a brand to back that up.

Jaime Lewis is a leader in the cannabis industry – and needed a brand to back that up.

No doubt that Mountain Medicine was a company with an appealing, artisanal product — their hand-crafted, home-baked goods stand out in an industry where technically, you can spray some THC on a bulk bag of candy from the dollar store, and call it an edible — and a sharp, respected leadership team. Indeed, their dream was certainly possible.

But, just like their business, it would be bound by the law. With medical and recreational marijuana available in a limited number of states, how could we help Mountain Medicine create a brand presence that would resonate beyond the borders of Colorado?

We began a retainer with Mountain Medicine to act as their marketing department and elevate them from a strict wholesaler to a high-performing brand with serious potential for growth. Acting as their marketing department, we knew we had to offer Jaime Lewis, Mountain Medicine’s founder and “Mama Goat”, more than just pretty pictures and clever words. We got serious—and Jaime’s been seriously thrilled about the results. We’re seeing more traffic, more social engagement, and more folks asking, “Where can I get some Mountain Medicine?”

So, how did we do it?

We thought offline and online, big picture and little details, educating wholesalers, dispensaries and individuals, and optimizing the brand’s presence within dispensaries, so customers could get a feel for what makes Mountain Medicine so special.

Our next goal was to formalize Mountain Medicine’s internal and external communications. This included forming an email list to identify potential buyers both in and out of state, building up and growing out their social media accounts and business networks, revamping their website and lifting their rank in search engines, and providing art direction and execution for marketing collateral, merchandise and apparel that will soon roll out on the national stage.

Event artwork that was applied to posters, tshirts, table cloths, banners and flyers.

Event artwork that was applied to posters, tshirts, table cloths, banners and flyers.

We also helped take their promotional efforts to the next level: from spearheading the conceptualization of a video short alongside a production company we sourced which specializes in telling “craft stories” revealing the passion behind artisanal work, to ideating event concepts, to initiating guerilla marketing tactics.

To say the least, the outcome has been uplifting and Mountain Mountain’s investment has paid off. Our creative, comprehensive strategy has both built up the brand itself, in addition to building pathways for it to expand beyond the borders of Colorado as soon as the law allows. Meanwhile, in its home state, Mountain Medicine continues to climb higher and higher and we look forward to conquering each peak as we lead their hike to nation-wide success.