16 Jun

Do you even English bro?

nelsonology by ktsterling

– Created new messaging approach to increase leads
– Revamped website design and copy to reflect new strategy
– Contributed SEO and analytics

nelsonologyIn the digital marketing sphere of our strategy consulting, we often partner with tech consultants to come in and revamp infrastructure–rolling out the red carpet of the 21st century. Our premier recommended tech consultant is Nelson Perez of NELSONology.

The challenge of being awesome at your job, like Nelson, is that your clients sometimes grow faster than your website can keep up with. He came to us last year for a logo and a basic website (but we all know even “basic” never means easy).

What we found through our research of the industry and through talking with some of his clients, is that what IT consultants like to “sell” is never actually what their clients care to buy. Here’s what I mean: the typical IT firm, on their home page lists out their areas of expertise and then presents bullet points of the tech that they can service. The problem is, no one execept IT nerds know what that means. (Do you even English, bro?)

We pushed a different approach in his messaging: “what does the project manager actually care about?” When we reframed based on that, we found they want character: show up, look clean, don’t pull the wool over my eyes and answer your phone!

His home page is functionally now a sales page answering these questions:

  1. Are you professional enough to be in my office?
  2. What are my pain points that you can solve?
  3. Have other people recommended you?

The site went live in early March 2014, and is fully connected with analytics and SEO to get his name out there. Our engagement is on-going, with plans to add a blog, email marketing and additional client-facing features.