28 Jun

UX Consulting + App Design


Key Takeaways:
– Engaged startup to create a plan for Minimum Viable Product
– Designed UI/UX for mobile app

What should you do when you want to live it up on the town, but still keep tabs on your diet? Don’t you wish you had some kind of benchmark to know the nutritional content of your food?

You wouldn’t be the only one – meet NourishWise.

NourishWise is a Nashville-based company launched to help the person out who “always has kale in their fridge.”

Nashville has an increasingly health-concerned population who are interested in what they eat. Currently Nourishwise serves their customers via website and email, but there wasn’t really a strong way to keep healthy restaurants “in their pocket.”

They engaged us to suggest and formulate features for a mobile app, and deliver a final design to their programming vendor.

Through our UX consulting we built several wireframes and functionality exchanges to hone in on the most important features that NourishWise wanted to launch – to test the product.


Early stages of UX are pretty fast and dirty – nothing beats a pencil!

Our design progressed as we learned more about client goals and ultimately we left them with a completed set of files ready for their programmer to develop.

NourishWise has focused on increasing its restaurant partner network, and is waiting for the appropriate threshold to reach before develop and launching the app.


A fully flushed out UI/UX flow for a Minimum Viable Product, and an advanced feature set for Stage 2.