01 Nov

A long tale, never Finnish’d


– Design consulting via brand relaunch support in North America
– Strategy consulting via visual merchandising plans
– Provided strategic renderings for fixtures in NYC flagship, based on sales data

We have been working with Marimekko for over three years now–ever since the conceptualization stages of the brand’s relaunch into North America. We were originally brought in by Laura Huron of LK Creative Solutions to do merchandising illustrations and draw renderings of the new showroom and office space layouts.

Over the next three years, we worked with Laura and other corporate staff to deliver internal communications regarding  new merchandising plans and renderings of exterior window styles;  at times we even rolled up our sleeves and cut fabric for gala and in-store events.

2013 was a pivotal year for us: our work turned into more conceptualization and strategy consulting. We handled everything from window design to the logistics of outfitting an Airstream RV with Unikko poppy flowers to serve as a mobile selling operation.

Our most recent strategic engagement to date included a walkthrough and accompanying renderings which suggested new fixtures for the New York flagship based on their metric sales data. As with any dynamic environment, the flagship was designed and built without knowing what would actually make New York customers “bite,” so now – after two years of operation – they are reconfiguring the flagship to optimize revenue.