Our team has mastered the craft of remote collaboration. We are obsessed with leveraging new technologies for cutting-edge strategy consulting.


Kevin Sterling
Strategy Consultant

My career began in good old fashioned graphic design, moved into digital production, project management and eventually I spent a while as a freelance creative. I’ve worked in NYC since 2007 and developed the grit to tackle just about anything.

When I launched Bush Smarts in 2012 with John Davison, I connected with my passion for building smart businesses that could leverage technology and sharp aesthetics and our business has been booming.

But I still love helping other people, so I run I’m an adjunct instructor in Advanced UX at NYU, lead Strategist in our group and dig into pixel pushing more often than I’d like to admit…
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Katie Doyle
Project Manager

As a project manager, Katie brings a multi-dimensional skill set supported by the ability to manage a high-quantity workload and deliver high-quality results. With experience in coordinating comprehensive web and app development projects and first-hand skills in branding, copywriting and web design, Katie is something like a digital jack of all trades. But, she’s most intrigued by the intersection between strategy and design, and most curious about how everything from timelines to typography, copy to interpersonal communication, interacts for a successful end result. When she’s offline, she enjoys spending time seriously offline: from skiing to horseback riding, creative writing to cooking delicious vegan food.

Ahmed Agha
Lead Developer

Ahmed is a web designer and front-end web developer with over than 7 years of professional experience in developing industry.

Ahmed specializes in creating custom web sites for businesses, focusing primarily on custom WordPress theme design and development.
He is able to complete projects efficiently and satisfy customers with attractive, user-friendly websites.

His areas of expertise include [Advanced programing and design skills, Landing pages development, websites optimization, custom web applications and databases, System integrations, custom wordpress premium themes] .

Michael Hinnant

Michael has been a creative designer and writer since birth. Drawing before he could write, he experimented with various methods before falling in love with advertising design. Michael has a particular fascination with logos, and enjoys the challenge of taking a blank white box and creating an ad or poster that allows a business to speak to a customer. His design aesthetic is fundamentally based with a focus on balance of space and movement of the eye. He is a critical thinker who is always analyzing the effectiveness of designs and how they fit in the current world.

Susan MacLeod

Susan’s first career was in psychology but a life long love of art nudged her back to school to learn graphic design. She was delighted to discover the amount of overlap between the fields. For example, understanding visual perception and the psychology of color is key to good layout.

Working with KTSterling keeps Susan on her toes and she loves that. Each project is an invitation to draw from her 20+ years of experience and to apply new technologies to meet clients’ needs. Driven to share what she’s discovering, she also teaches graphic design – at first full time for a small community college in North Carolina, and then as an on-line adjunct from Chicago and Vermont.

Lilibeth Mondelo
3D Designer

Lilibeth was born and raised in the island of the Philippines. She studied Advertising Arts and later on studied Architectural Drafting. After graduation she worked as an interior designer for various companies. Working in these design fields had a lasting influence on Beth’s aesthetic. Beth then worked as a freelance designer for companies and individuals both local and abroad. The combination of working with creative designers and her experiences in the mainstream fashion production/manufacturing world led to a broad understanding of the industry. Beth has also trained some local “out of school” youth, and she enjoys sharing some of her knowledge to empower them.

Erika DeVega
Content + Research

Erika is a graduate of University of the Philippines with a degree in Development Communication. She has previously held the sales and marketing position of 123RF Philippines, dealing with the stock photo demands of several local brands and coordinating marketing events for the company. Her field of expertise includes developing effective marketing materials and writing.